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Saturday Programs

Heroes for Healthy Pets

Dr. Taylor Tillery

The Heroes for Healthy Pets Certification in Infectious Disease Management is a program sponsored by Barkleigh, The International Boarding and Pet Services Association, National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA), and Pet Sitters, International. The Heroes for Healthy Pets Certification is open to all pet and veterinary professionals. To become certified, both modules must be completed and the certification examination must be passed.

Part 1) Understanding Infectious Disease

This seminar will discuss common transmissible diseases of dogs, including pathogens of CIRDC (canine infectious respiratory disease complex- including dog flu), Leptospirosis, Parvo, and Distemper. The lecture will give an overview of the incidence rate, how to recognize the clinical signs of illness and how to recognize signs of illness in dogs, and prevention. Management of outbreaks in group environments such as kennels and doggie daycares and options for prevention, including vaccination and sanitation protocols will also be discussed.

Part 2) Effective Infectious Disease Control

To remain competitive in this market, pet professional businesses must keep their pet owners happy and this means keeping pets healthy. In 2016, leading experts on infectious disease developed a consensus statement to recommend best practices for pet care and safety for pet professional businesses such as kennels, veterinary facilities, doggie daycares, dog walkers, groomers, and training facilities. This program covers the topic of best practices of sanitation and prevention of infectious disease spread.

Critical Communication Skills You Need to Succeed as a Pet Care Professional

Amy Castro

Excellent communication skills are the most important career and personal skills you can possess, even in the pet industry. However, many people underestimate the impact of communication on their careers, thinking technical skill alone will be enough to carry them to success. Whether you’re interacting with employees, coworkers, or clients, how well you communicate can determine whether you build great working relationships and gain lifelong customers or drive both employees and customers away.

In this workshop, Performance Communication Expert Amy Castro, MA, CSP, will share some of the most important communication skills you need to succeed in business today - whether you are an owner, manager or employee. Those who attend this workshop will learn the importance of understanding the human communication process, how to improve listening in any situation, how to choose words for maximum effectiveness, how to use your nonverbal communication to reinforce your words, how to give feedback in a way that reduces defensiveness, how to hold an effective problem-solving conversation, and more!

Table Technique: Alternative Techniques for Handling Pets

Cheryl Purcell

Cheryl will show you tools and handling procedures to use with unruly pets. For instance: how to hold a foot to do nails or shave pads, how to hold a head still to get a cute finish, and more! This is not a seminar on how to handle aggressive pets, it is on how to work with young pets, old pets, and the untrained in order to make their life and yours easier.

Bichon Profiles Made Easy

Shannon Moore

Join Shannon for a quick and easy approach to setting a correct pattern on a Bichon. Whether it’s a show trim or a pet trim, keep your Bichons looking the way they are supposed to!

Everyday Dogs

Judi Cantu-Thacker

We all groom “everyday dogs”; not quite show quality but need grooming nonetheless. This can include shorter styles, easy to maintain and keeping the integrity of the breed in some cases, but mostly making the customer happy and the dog comfortable. Judi will discuss and demonstrate how to determine the best pet trims for your clients while maintaining a breed profile with a little flare.

Just Heads

Cheryl Purcell

Anyone can do a #7 all over a pet but if you know how to make a cute head, clients are overjoyed. Learn how to groom the heads on multiple breeds in this seminar. Cheryl will teach you her techniques on achieving that WOW factor no matter what length the body is trimmed in. There will be a slide show with videos clips and a live demo.