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Saturday Programs

Oodles of Doodles

Judy Hudson

Doodles are all the rage! Although we know them as mixed breeds, our clients have paid big bucks for a cross of crazy coat types and challenges that need special techniques and understanding by pet care professionals. But how do you make them look their best and create a manageable outline? Enjoy Judy as she takes you through a variety of ideas in a live grooming demo.

Modified Bichon by Blake

Blake Hernandez

In this seminar, Blake reveals his quick head-turning secrets of his favorite breed! Bichons and most other small, white, curly-coated cuties in Blake's salon leave with that quintessential round-head look. Here, Blake will show you a modified Bichon trim using clippers and scissors. Make sure to grab a seat and learn how to '”cut corners'' on this infinitely round and powder puff breed.

Tips, Tricks, and Tools for Grooming the Wire-Coated Breeds

Allison Alexander

In this class, Allison will discuss grooming tips, tricks, tools, and products that you should be using on wire-coated-type dogs. Whether you are brand new or an experienced dog groomer, Allison will show you not only the best products but how to use them for wire-coats, as well as troubleshooting common problems. She will discuss rolling coats, raking/carding, stripping, blending the jacket into the underline, and when to clip or scissor sensitive areas.

What's Your Worth, and Is It Worth It for Them?

Jameson Kon

If a potential client is a job you're about to apply for, what can you write on your resume that will make you stand out for them to hire you, in this case, as their personal groomer? Are you charging enough for what you're doing? What If you're having challenges in raising your rates and don't know how to proceed? This class will discuss how you can impress your clients with your own resume, including how you can raise the rates for your more tenured clients or how to attract new clients with your newly acquired skillsets. This is your time to showcase your worth to your clients!

Grooming the New Designer Dogs

Sue Watson

Here we go again, another little drop-coated dog has scheduled an appointment. Before it even comes into the shop, you're stressing about it; you're worried it won't look good enough. Are the clients going to like it? Ugh, I can never get the finish right! Stress no more, Sue can show you how to get a better finish and maybe even enjoy doing this type of coat!

Full Circle: Maximizing Pet Grooming Business Through Social Media and Customer Service

Quinci Cole

Join “The Social Groomer” as she covers several topics to help you build a strong online presence and provide excellent customer service to enhance your brand and reputation with the goal of increasing your customer loyalty. Topics covered include, understanding social media, creating content, building a brand, responding to customers and leveraging customer feedback to improve the business.