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Saturday Programs

Heroes for Healthy Pets

Dr. Jenifer Chatfield

The Heroes for Healthy Pets™ certification program was developed to help pet service professionals create facilities dedicated to being disease free. The program is taught by leading infectious disease experts. It provides 2 hours of RACE approved continuing education credit for veterinary professionals or 2 hours of PACCC educational credit for pet service professionals. Participants can also apply for a business certification and promote your achievement by using the Heroes for Healthy Pet™ marketing tool kit.

  • Module 1: Understanding Infectious Diseases: This course is intended to provide an overview of the key concepts surrounding infectious diseases in dogs. The course will discuss, but it is not limited to, the transmission and clinical signs of infectious disease.
  • Module 2: Effective Disease Control: This course will go into detail of measures a facility can take to curb the spread of infectious disease.

Modified Bichon by Blake

Blake Hernandez

Blake reveals his quick head-turning secrets of his favorite breed! Bichons and most other small white curly coated cuties in Blake's salon leave with that quintessential round head look. Here, Blake will show us a modified bichon trim using clippers and scissors. Make sure to grab a seat and learn how to ''cut corners'' on this infinitely round and powderpuff breed.

Secrets of Hand Stripping

Kathryn Dixon

From strip and clips to breed standard show trims, learn how to make the best of a coarse coat in any condition. We’ll go over must have tools, common techniques, understanding the coarse coat, and how to make any coarse coated dog- mutt or purebred look their best.

Mobile Grooming Tips and Tricks

Angela Kumpe

Angela will share advice, tips and tricks on many topics of Mobile Grooming. These bits of information can help you while you build a successful mobile grooming business. Some of these topics include scheduling, increasing tips, invoicing, price increases, setting rules and sticking to them, marketing, cancelations, add on services, latch key services, and much more.

No Fluff, No Problem: Creative on Short Haired Dogs

Milena Kon

Join Barkleigh’s 2018 Creative Groomer of the Year, Milena Kon, in this interactive class to learn how to create a design on a short hair dog. In this class, Milena will teach and demonstrate, step by step, on how to come up with a design, transfer it to the dog and finish with pet safe dyes. Learn the difference between the dyes and tools available that can make your life easier, and make your salon the talk of the town. Bring in your creative clienteles by offering this quick and easy service, and see your overall revenue increase. Who says you need a fluffy dog for creative grooming!?! It won’t be you!

Heads and Tails, Both Are Important

Jessica Moore

I am all about balance and blending, even in a simple shave down. Believe it or not a shaved down dog can be made to look worse by a badly balanced head and tail. Whether the dog had to be shaved due to owner neglect or the client just likes the dog short, we should still do our best to make them look their best. I will demonstrate how just a slight change in a few details can make or break the groom. Yes, even on a shave down. I will show you how to still achieve cute and easy.