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Sunday Programs

Everyday Teddy Bear Trim

Macie Pisa

Ever have that customer that doesn’t really know what they want? They give you no direction other than “make him look cute!” Macie will show you how to easily bring out every dog’s personality and find their signature “look.” Learn to give customers a cut that is easy to maintain without skimping on style. Every appointment will end with, “That’s exactly what I wanted!”

Salon Sanitation Certificate Class

Corina Stammworthy

Learn how to clean like a microbiologist! Corina will teach you sanitation techniques used in the laboratory that she has incorporated into her regular salon practices. This class will cover how to disinfect everything in your salon using both chemical and mechanical methods, as well as an overview of the common pathogens that cause problems in the industry. A certificate will be mailed after completion of this two-hour course.

Grooming for Structure

Kathryn Dixon

Ask any beautician and they’ll tell you every hair style doesn’t fit every face. The same is true in grooming- dogs come in 100 different shapes and sizes. In this demo we’ll learn how to evaluate the individual dog and groom to its strengths while honoring the pet parent’s requests.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Philip Schafmayer

In this seminar Philip Schafmayer NCMG will go over how slight changes to the work environment and little touches of professionalism will increase your profits and boost word of mouth and the reputation for your salon, thereby bringing in every dollar you can. Little changes make a BIG difference, yielding maximum results!