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Sunday Programs

So You Want to Be a Contest Groomer?

Mackensie Murphy & Lindsey Dicken

Mackensie Murphy and Lindsey Dicken have over 18 years of combined competition grooming experience. Sit and listen to them tell all of their secrets. Mackensie and Lindsey will explain the ins and outs of contest grooming, from what to pack, how to choose a dog, and tips and tricks to make your dog stand out.

Airbrushing 101

Rebekah Sparks

Learn how to master the art of temporary color using your airbrush. This unique skill is a great addition to add-on sales in a salon setting. We will cover water and alcohol-based pigments and their uses with varying coat types. Along with the skill itself you will need to learn a lot of information on choosing the correct equipment for your needs, disassembly and reassembly, along with maintenance. Don’t forget marketing your new skill! We will finish up with some simple ways to get more face time with the general public to drive your business!

AKC S.A.F.E. Grooming Program

Susan Sholar

The American Kennel Club recognizes that grooming is important to the overall health, comfort and well-being of pets. Setting the standard in groom safety to ensure these needs are met for all pets in salon, The AKC is proud to offer the Safety in Salons Certification Program to groomers and salons.

As reputable and quality pet care professionals, groomers should consider the safety and welfare of the pets entrusted to their care. The Safety in Salon course will review best practices focusing on pet care, health, and safety. Topics covered include accident avoidance, disease awareness, and sanitation.

All groomers who attend will be eligible, at no additional charge, to become AKC Safety Certified Groomers and receive a frameable certificate and other great benefits.

This course is also an important part of the requirements for the AKC Safety in the Salon Certification. This salon certification gives salon owners a means to show their commitment to the health and safety of pets and in return receive valuable marketing support from the AKC.

The Passionate Groomer: An Afternoon with Lisa

Lisa Leady

The two things Lisa enjoys most are grooming dogs and sharing her passion for grooming. In this program Lisa will conduct a series of four top-of-the-line, one-hour breed demos. During the demos Lisa will talk about all things grooming; products, home remedies, burn out, etc. - all the while grooming the dogs and going over pattern and structure. Lisa’s goal is for everyone to leave the seminar with a renewed passion for grooming, the dogs, their customers, co-workers and this great industry. The four demos will be on a Sporting breed, a long-legged Terrier, a short-legged Terrier and a Poodle.